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Vagrant Hearts is a 2D fantasy role-playing adventure game. The story is centered around two sisters, Scarlett and Beatrice. Scarlett is the warrior type and Beatrice has a certain power to heal anyone just by touching them. The game has a very , and is surely a step ahead of many games of the same genre.

The story starts off with Scarlett and Beatrice talking about their past in a seemingly distant land. It seems that they've been through quite an adventure and then they say that is was no too long ago when they left home. After that, you start playing from the precise moment when a guardian of the Brotherhood comes for Beatrice. The Brotherhood is an organization meant to help the people and since Beatrice has a healing gift, they thought she would be of great help. Scarlett doesn't want to leave her sister and she also joins the journey. And so, all three of them start off on this new adventure. At first, it might not seem like the story has an epic plot, however as you play along and discover more characters, you realize that the sisters are part of something a lot more interesting. I found the story very interesting and also the storytelling is well done, too.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of gameplay features. The combat is turn-based, however, the overall combat design is much better, you even have a bit more complex combat animations than in other games. You gain experience every time you win a battle and when you level up you can learn new skills and magical abilities. You also have a lot of items in the game like different sets of armor and a wide variety of weapons. Another very nice aspect of the game was that you have a lot of hidden treasures scattered all around the map, which is very rewarding for players who choose to explore every corner.

The graphics are in 2D, however with the wonderful artwork it surely satisfied my visual appetite. The sound effects are simple, however the music is very relaxing and sets the mood for those classic adventure games.

Dennis Niels
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  • Great story
  • A lot of hidden treasures
  • Nice combat animations
  • Beautiful artwork


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